Shipwrecks of Lake Erie

Shipwrecks of Lake Erie-Vol. 1, written by Erik A. Petkovic, is a book "featuring complete vessel histories, descriptive stories of loss and survival, and thorough examinations of the wrecks as they sit on the bottom of Lake Erie."  We were fortunate enough to work with Eric and got to share our story  on finding the Duke Luedtke in harsh conditions. If you would like to know more click on the link.

Kraken Lights

After being constantly flooded with equipment problems, we decided to team up with a company that had similar values, Blue Turtle USA, to create reliable solutions designed for rough environments. The first solution was a simple yet durable system of lights and cameras called the Kraken. It has been tested and is now used by all UMC divers.


The environmental condition is a huge factor in commercial diving jobs and having the correct information is invaluable. One tool we have found to be extremely helpful is the NOAA website. They provide not only the weather, but also marine conditions.

UMC Youtube

Every year we do many projects but due to privacy reasons most of these projects cannot be made public, however sometimes we have the opportunity give our other clients a peak into our projects. These videos can be accessed on our youtube channel.